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The scientific and technical laboratory is the main priority of the Atakam’s activity. Within the framework of the interests of this laboratory, we are planning to create several projects that are independent of each other but united by a common idea to help scientists and inventors to bring their inventions or just advanced technology to people.

When possible, we will open new projects, as we will receive applications from inventors and scientists and upon approval such projects by our team.

We already have several projects that we started to develop. Some of them are almost ready for commercial use, another is in R&D stage.

The project closest to commercial use is a software development project for medical offices.

We have a very interesting invention for which we made a pending patent and which is in a state of research and development. It is a heat generator based on micro-plasma in a mineral environment. This project has been ongoing for a very long time and is now very close to its final completion.

The second very interesting direction, based on a flocculant developed by Professor A. Demchenko, which allows us to process municipal waste water ten times faster than existing technologies. At the same time, carbon is saved and can be used as fuel. We have a project and preliminary agreement with Puerto Rico government to process wastewater into fuel briquettes, which can be used to generate electricity.

Another very interesting project is the production of new building materials from magnesium cement with various fillers. The raw materials for Mg cement production may be Bischofite deposits such as in Ukraine, which is the largest in the world. Also, we can produce cement from waste water from desalination plants and we also have a technology for producing such raw materials directly from sea water. In addition, we will produce several by-products. We are working together with International Eco Housing Corporation to implement our building materials in their beautiful micro houses (

A very interesting project based on the properties of proprietary ceramic nanomembranes for producing a synthesis gas from natural gas, with a huge number of organic compounds can subsequently be synthesized: fuel, plastic, solvents and much, much more.

We also have some very interesting pharmaceutical projects, as well as a project for the purification of air from carbon dioxide.

We have created our own non-profit organization called SciTeck Foundation. This foundation will finance many of our projects, as well as finance talented students and scientists who need help to carry out their research projects.

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